In such a volatile environment where we are called to face new challenges, the security of life and property is absolutely necessary. At B.A.C.C. V.I.P. SECURITY SERVICES we take into account every aspect that can pose a threat to life and property, which is why our staff has a strong dynamic that guarantees the quality of our services. So, in addition to the excellent operational training of our staff, B.A.C.C. V.I.P. SECURITY SERVICES provides services according to globally recognized security standards (collaboration contracts, confidentiality clauses, internal security protocols). Our company implements an internal confidentiality protocol and does not share in television, print, social media, etc. any data or information regarding our meetings and collaborations.

  • Protection of people.
  • Organization of business and event security measures.
  • Consulting in the assessment of risks, threats and countermeasures.
  • Study - organization and supervision of security measures for hotel complexes.