Through our many years of experience in the field of security services, we identified
the need for these services to evolve as well as the significant absence of truly
concealable and comfortable means of protection. This led to the establishment of
BACC (Bulletproof Armor Clothing Company) in 2018, which mainly focuses on the
design and production of personal protection products against life threatening
situations from armed attacks. We create the ultimate concealable and comfortable
bullet-proof protection products. This excellence is obtained through light-weight
and flexible materials that have the thinnest and lightest ballistic panels in the world
market, starting from 4,2mm / 0.1653 Inch. Therefore our products fit perfectly,
create the most discreet and “invisible” effect, without limiting your body movement
and activities. Our constant search for new materials, new technologies, innovative
solutions, fashionable designs and the best certified suppliers all over the world
guarantees that each BACC product is with no comparison the best of its kind. Our
company applies an internal protocol regarding confidentiality and protection of our
customer’s personal data. We never publish or confirm such data on press, television
or any other media.